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NAB Letter Regarding Retransmission Consent

Dear State Association Executives:

With increased attention on the retransmission consent issue in Washington, D.C., NAB continues to aggressively advocate that the process is working as Congress intended and that any changes would be harmful to the viewing public. Most recently, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry has drafted legislation that would drastically change the retransmission consent process and would result in an economic blow to broadcasters.

In light of recent developments, we are providing a toolkit of resources on the issue on NAB's website that will help you engage in our efforts to ensure broadcasters' ability to negotiate for retransmission consent is not upended by pay TV companies' attempts to tilt the process in their favor.

The toolkit includes:

  • A one-page sheet outlining Sen. Kerry’s legislation
  • Issue brief
  • Messaging tips
  • Tips for successful communications strategies
  • Talking points
  • Print ads
  • Banner ads
  • Link to consumer website –

Some of these resources require you to login using your member ID. To look up your member ID, please click here.

In addition to these resources, our consumer website,, helps to ensure that viewers understand the value of broadcast television and serves as a resource for televisions stations and their local communities.

While we continue to remind policymakers that the process is working as intended, we hope you join us in our efforts and access the resources available to you in the retransmission consent toolkit, as well as The retransmission consent process works, is fair and benefits viewers. We must work together to ensure that pay TV companies don’t define the debate.

As always, we welcome your feedback on ways we can serve you better.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this or other resources, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Lehman, executive vice president of Marketing, at (202) 429-5444. If you have any questions regarding Sen. Kerry's legislation, please contact Mike Hershey, senior vice president of Government Relations, at (202) 429-3936.


Matt Everson

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