Production Coordinator



Production Coordinator

WBAL TV is looking for a Production Coordinator to join our team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Scheduling of commercial production work to meet all client on-air deadlines.  That includes everything from billboard production through major client productions.
  • Contribute to the production work being done.  Write copy.  Be a crew member on major productions.  Handle projects as a contributing writer/producer/editor.
  • Manage the hours of Production employees.
  • Maintain control of a production expense budget. Find creative ways to accomplish this without pulling back on production quality.
  • Work with the Digital Sales Team to meet their technical requirements.  Represents significant time and effort to accomplish conversion of TV spots for use by digital sales.
  • Coordinate work with the Maryland Lottery, including:
    •  Updating them on any on-air preemptions
    • Being aware of interest in live remote drawings
    • Coordinating production with enough production staff
    • Scouting location with key production team members in advance of production date
    • Work on any advanced production work (pre-taping)
    • Assure that any added opens are set to go by the night of the drawing
  • Work with the operations team to prepare for other live broadcast remotes, as necessary.  Assist with staffing.
  • Recruit production for the station independent of the production needed by sales and on-air commercial scheduling. 
  • Maintain appropriate communication with the Sales Department, communicating our current schedule and determining future production needs.
  • Be able to handle multiple projects at once.  Always be in touch with the projects that producers are working on, to be able to report on issues or progress to the AEs in charge of the account.
  • Realistically consider advancements in our production capabilities with new and better equipment.  Be a student of production, and what is state-of-the-art not only in equipment, but visual editing techniques.  Inspire team members with fresh ideas for their productions.
Vacancy Type:
Full Time
Date Posted:
Closing Date:
Baltimore - 21211
Please visit to apply. EOE

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